Monday, March 21, 2011

Creating the Travelogue -Alvin Tang(15)-

 Wow when i first saw that we have to do the Travelogue i was like 'what need go out?'. I when to details and search what IS a Travelogue. Well it took quite sometimes then i was ready for 'action'.
 I was pretty excited doing the taking pictures for what i need although i was shy and scared. Also i had love to do about using the blog, as it was quite long since yesterday we only used facebook , least expecting to blog.
 When i first started, i do not really know what should i REALLY talk about for the Travelouge (is either too little to say or too much too say, i guess is too much) well i chosen Bukit Batok as it IS my neighbourhood. I had actually felt SO scared when i went there to take picture, looking like i was lost in somewhere. I still when on and ask the owners whether i can.(Some were quite sensitive do not ask me why cause i do not really know..).I did get some lacky information that it was not really enough to proof that what they said was right. Thinking that i decided not to interview anyone.
 Looking at what i had done(overal) maybe i could improve on the.. pictures i want to take maybe i would have to go somewhere further to collect MORE precise data so as to score higher?

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