Monday, March 21, 2011

"A Travelogue for Tourists and Our Future Generations"

  1. Nature park (Interested?)
  2. Fire station (In case of fire, feel safe) =)
  3. International schools(If you do not know anything there they will show you.(same language as you!)
  4. MRT station(Cheap and comfortable)
  5. Community Club (Want to play sports?)  And MANY more... Like West Mall a shopping mall!
                                                              ....History of...
  • History of Bukit Batok Nature ParkBukit Batok used to be a sleepy rural area with forest, farm lands and factories. Granite quarrying was among the early activities there since the 1950s. In fact Bukit Batok in Malay means "Coughing Hills" as the blasting made the hills appear to be coughing. Public housing in the area started in the 1970s.

    The former Ford Factory is the venue where the British surrender to the Japanese on 15 Feb 1942. The front portion of this building has been conserved as a historical monument.

    At the top of Bukit Batok hill is the site of two memorials built by the Japanese for their war dead as well as for the Allied soldiers. Both were demolished by the Japanese. Today, all that remains are two pillars and 120 concrete steps leading up to the transmission tower. The National Heritage Board had erected a plaque highlighting the significance of the site.
  • MRT station
    For 7 years (2005) there had been some incident and on the 2005, it took quite long time for us to get somewhere since there was not much linking. Luckily as time passes, the goverment took more notice and made more MRT linking to each other making it convenient!
  • History of Bukit Batok CC                                                                                                          Bukit Batok CC is located within walking distance from Bukit Batok MRT station and Bukit Batok bus interchange.
    The CC is well-known for its various music groups. Its symphonic band, West Winds, holds its own annual concert while its Chinese Orchestra has performed at numerous local events. If you want to try your hands at traditional musical instruments, you are welcome to join the CC’s Gamelan troupe!
    If music is not your cup of tea, you can enroll in one of the CC’s popular courses such as ballet dancing, social dancing or yoga.
    After your visit to the CC, take a walk at the lush Bukit Batok Neighbourhood Park, or at the bustling Bukit Batok Central or West Mall nearby.

Taxi Stand


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Sooo green

Bus interchange!

Even MRT (Superb convenient)

(The looopy)!

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Interested tourist, so come! Enjoy your life in Bukit batok! Wow!
Done by: Alvin Tang Kai Wen(15)
Class: S1-08

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